Camera Music - 2/28/19



As a classical pianist in extraordinarily divisive times...

I feel that I am at a crossroads. I may either maintain the classical piano recital as a largely apolitical refuge, or respond to the world around me and try to reshape my own performance practice into an even richer source of contemplation, community-building, and perhaps even protest. This project, a full-length transdisciplinary performance pairing live piano and chamber music with original, precisely edited and choreographed projections of dance-film, is a re-imagining of the classical recital that aims to focus, inform and challenge the audience’s experience of music across multiple sensory channels. The conventional recital can sometimes feel like a sensory deprivation chamber, curated entirely for the perception of sound and neglecting the visual and physical realities of the concert-goer’s experience. However, my project, a partnership with filmmaker Gus Reed, who creates the video component based on our musical program over the course of several months in close collaboration with dancers, celebrates the power of truly interdisciplinary work.

For tickets, see this link.