Camera music:

a full-length cross-disciplinary performance pairing live piano and chamber music with original, precisely edited and choreographed projections of dance-film, is a re-imagining of the classical recital that aims to focus, inform and challenge the audience’s experience of music across multiple sensory channels. The conventional recital can sometimes feel like a sensory deprivation chamber, curated entirely for the perception of sound and neglecting the visual and physical realities of the concert-goer’s experience. Through a partnership with filmmaker Gus Reed, who creates the video component based on the musical program over the course of several months in close collaboration with dancers, Camera Music celebrates the power of truly interdisciplinary work.

Camera Music was first produced in May 2017 at The Tank NYC by Audrey Vardanega and Gus Reed. Audrey and Gus first began collaborating on dance films in 2015 and shortly after, started brainstorming options for a collaborative performance project. Through the generous support of The New School’s Student Research Fund, Audrey and Gus are able to produce the second production of Camera Music on February 28, 2019 in the Mannes School of Music’s Stiefel Hall. Fellow collaborators on this iteration of Camera Music include cellist James Kim, violist Gonzalo Martin Rodriguez, NYC Ballet’s Devin Alberda, dancers Jodi Melnick, Kayla Farrish, and Maggie Segale.